These in-home post natal sessions will focus on YOUR needs.
You can lose yourself in "mom" its time to find yourself again.

"She's strong but she's exhausted." -R.H. Sin

"She's strong but she's exhausted." -R.H. Sin

You don't need to have had a diagnosis in "postpartum depression / anxiety / rage" to reach out for support, sometimes moms just need someone to hold space for them.  Mainly, we will be focussing on YOU. I want to help find that piece of yourself that may have been lost and/or is still bundled up with all the dirty laundry. Now that you're surviving with a tiny human (or humans) - the old you is gone (I can assure you), you are now a mother, forever changed.

We’ll talk, create and have something warm to drink. You'll experience how art heals, grounds, and re-centers. And, if you really just need someone to scrub your bathroom while you vent, we can do that too.

I know it’s hard enough just to get dressed and out the door when your arms are filled with a new baby and all the garb that goes with. So, I’m coming to you! Don’t clean up for me and showers most definitely aren’t required, there is no judgement here.

PS> If you're feeling like you need to get out of the house, you are welcome to come to the office with or without your babes.