kayla huszar therapy


Nice to digitally meet you, my name is Kayla.

Let's not be shy, let me go first and tell you a bit about me.  I was born & raised on the prairies, still I can feel the call of the mountains. My favourite colour is teal, you can always find gemstones in my back pockets and I have a secret stash of Oreos in my office. Plus, I am married with a tiny human and a fur-baby. 

I am a therapeutic service provider with a Bachelor Degree in Social Work and I am certified in Expressive Art Therapy. My approach to therapeutic services might vary from the "therapist" you had in mind. I believe in art & creative expression as a way to communicate and heal. Actually, I believe it is the best avenue for those who find it hard to verbalize what might be troubling them, or who can't identify what might be wrong.

I want to help YOU fill your own cup - so that you're inspired to set intentions for the kind of life you want to live and to go on living it with mindfulness and truth. This kind of "art" isn't going to live on walls - its going to flow through you. It's going to enrich you, heal you and guide you into new perspectives. 

I believe, together we can stop the glorification of being "busy" and live in the here & now. I am here to guide you to be able to speak your truth, be your truth and live your truth.

How will we achieve these goals together? Check out the variety of services I offer.

Next time we meet, I hope its in person! Wishing you a creative day,


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