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Kayla creates this heart-opening moment when my voice is heard and my feelings are valid. Be kind to yourself and sign up for something (anything), it might be the best gift you’ve given yourself in a while!
— Expressive art enthusiast

Expressive Arts

Hi! I’m Kayla, and I’m a little bit of everything - seeker of truth, creator, helper, wanderer and explorer.

I fully embrace the idea that creativity can align, empower, heal, and create harmony in one’s life. I know from my own experience and times of highs and lows that creative expression is a vital part of women’s wellness.

You already have everything you need to access your creativity (trust me). I am so very grateful that you have landed here and are exploring all the ways you can align yourself with creativity.

Speak all your truths and I will bring you the art and ways to transform, play and soften.


Upcoming Events & Workshops


Where do you want to meet?

The foundation of my educational and life/work philosophy is to meet clients where they are at, figuratively and literally.

  • We can take a walk & talk

  • You can come to my studio office space

  • I can come to your house
    (applies to new moms only)

  • You can invest in a self-study
    (e-courses coming soon)

    Services here are customizable to suit each person and their unique needs.


Online E-Courses